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Exhilarating, engaging and measurable stories

for original and pre-existent videos in 2D and 360VR.


We pair the best set of integrations for your new or pre-existing video content in 2D and/or 360VR from concept to publishing.


Every project published is multi device. However, if you need to adapt certain designs to smaller screens it is possible to create different versions of one project for each selected device.


All our interactive videos allow the integration of different metric services, such as Google Analytics, Com-score, and others, to measure their impact and results.




The Multivideo integration is a type of compounded video that can play several videos at the same time, in parallel, using just one player.

Counting with several videos inside one makes possible for the user to change between them with only one click or finger touch.

Video over Video (VOV)


This interactivity allows the audience become the editor of the video.

VoV can be configured in some different ways, with only one secondary frame, with multiple secondary frames or splitting the player screen in different areas – Split Screen.



Activate actions liked to dynamic buttons of videos.


Add clickable inner and outer windows of exploration. Hotspots can be used to offer viewers layers of interactive choices, as opening an external link, download a file or decide which video must be loaded next.

Limitless Content


The Limitless Content gives viewers the possibility to open new windows to the Internet, allowing to diminish video’s dropout rate.

Perfect for camping land-pages and e-commerce sites, this iframe window is completely configurable with HTML dynamic contents.

In Motion


The interactivity In Motion turns a short video sequence into a frame sequence that the users can play back and forward with the speed that they wish, including frame by frame.


This enables to create the sensation to be pulling, transporting or rotating an object inside the video.



The ideal integration for gamifying videos and brand contests, the Gamer is a controller that rewards conditioned actions.

It facilitates to program visual feedback based on the success or failure of predetermined conditions. It rewards viewers like no other content.


Active Pages


Boost your website traffic with active landing pages and content marketing pages. Provide an entirely new visual experience to your visitors and potential clients while tracking their interactions.