One Stop Shop: activate scalable solutions in one place | Better Corners
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Ideation and Prototyping

We transform brands, products, and events into a world of sensorial, interactive and transmedia experiences.



One Stop Shop

We consolidate our know-how in the M&E industry with innovative technologies, and key partnerships to accompany our clients in the development of fully scalable concepts. Producing better content for us means to deliver tailored turnkey solutions.

2D/3D Video Production

Here are some of our specialities:

  • Broadcast and web content: Live style, series and realities
  • Films and documentaries
  • Branded content and commercials
  • Music videos
  • Events and conferences

Digital Streams

Create significant connection between audience, brands, and global markets. GO LIVE in 2D, and 360 VR live streaming.


Digital Streams are key differentiators to expand venues’ reach and to increase the impact of live events key players: partners, organizers, and advertisers.


Live engaging content can be easily viewed on mobile and upgraded to VR headsets for premium experiences and brand activations.

VR specialized equipment, purchases and rentals

Jonny 6:

Jonny6 is the only commercial grade 360 camera robot in the world.

He has the most advanced motion system of any 360 rig. Like a head on a body, Jonny6’s camera array can move independent of the base which allows for true three axis filming capability.  Available for rentals and purchase, Jonny6 can take your VR projects to new heights.



4i live-streaming VR camera