Encounter of ideas and cutting-edge formats⎟ Better Corners
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Corners are where different paths come together

Better Corners are where ideas forge new directions through cutting-edge formats and compelling stories

Inspire, surprise, and innovate

Start pairing concepts to the right medium with meaningful and wide-reaching content for your audience. Our mission is to unleash the boundaries of storytelling by giving you access to our One Stop Shop creative facility so that you can scale every project within your business context, content strategies and goals.


We specialized in empowering interactive concepts in 2D, 360VR, and 360VR live streaming, but also, we have the ability to scale every project with customized extensions such as App Development, Video and VR Games, 360VR Sound, Dome Projections, Interactive Installations, Customer Acquisition, and more.


We are distant from creating utopia yet, but we are always leading in that direction.


At the heart of Better Cornes, we share the dynamic belief of self-discovery and empowerment by embracing diverse voices in the creative process directed to bring the new world to the old. For that reason, we merge our expertise in traditional media with the innovative transformation of creating narratives in multi-dimensional formats.


We evolve ahead of audiences and content trends because we focus on creating timeless stories, full immersive content, and experiences.


So far, we have built an industry leading 360 camera – JONNY 6 – to bring our story expertise in 360 VR, and we are aligning ourselves with New Media to bring our stories to transmedia platforms.

Effective engines


We’ll help you achieve your creative faster, cheaper and with a better response than virtually anyone, anywhere.


And what proof do we have? 16 years worth.


For the past years, the partners of Better Corners have been the creative engine behind $10 million plus worth of broadcast production commissions per year consistently, year after year.

Envision from experience and expertise


Better Corners consists of the Head of Production, the Creative Director, the Technical Director and the Head Series Director of Tricon Films and Television.


And under that flag our team created, wrote, directed, provided all technical services and the look for numerous series for BRAVO, HISTORY, HGTV, FOOD, DIY, COOKING, DISCOVERY in the United States as well as HGTV, FOOD, YTV, DISCOVERY in Canada.


As a result, we have completed on time and budget over 100 broadcast hours with formats that have been distributed to over 120 countries.